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Transitioning physical therapy patients to personal training clients.

There has been an overwhelming need for Physical Therapy patients to continue their regimen once they are discharged. Unfortunately, there have not been enough measures taken to ensure this occurs. We have launched a nationwide program to assist PT patients once they leave their facility. Transitional planning will help maximize functional gains and enhance the patients overall experience and results.

Historically there has been a lack of resources for patients to continue their rehabilitation once they complete their therapy.  As you know, there are numerous benefits from the use of linear cross trainers and they have become a staple in both PT clinics and cardiac rehabilitation programs. Linear cross-trainers have been used to help millions of patients rehabilitate following heart attacks, strokes, knee replacements, hip replacements, and back surgeries. PT patients are finding it a challenge locating a health club convenient to their location with similar equipment or they cannot afford to purchase the equipment to use as part of a home exercise program. 

Most linear cross trainers are in the price range of $4000-$5000 making it unrealistic for patients to purchase for home use. Often patients will end up searching for a used linear trainer with excessive wear and tear, and reluctantly overpay for used equipment with no warranty. We have resources across the U.S. that allow us to provide pre owned equipment for thousands less then what a patient or clinic would pay for brand new. Our equipment has been inspected, parts showing wear are replaced and warranties are included. We also offer wholesale pricing for other manufacturers and we offer free shipping anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. 

Our company provides high-end commercial grade equipment to health clubs, Physical Therapy clinics and residences across the U.S. and internationally. We work with all of the top manufacturers and we are currently aligning ourselves with PT clinics in the U.S. to help their patients maintain functional gains and continue to improve following discharge. 
We receive calls for this equipment from patients and therapists on a daily basis. As innovative fitness professionals it is our obligation to bridge the gap between Physical Therapy and the mainstream fitness industry.
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Bridging the gap between rehabilitation and wellness 

Bridging the gap between rehabilitation and wellness 

There has been  an overwhelming need for Physical Therapy patients to continue working on their recovery once they have been discharged. Physical therapy can be physically demanding on PT patients, especially those patients who are unconditioned. Most PT patients are motivated to recover from their injury or ailment, but what happens are the appointments are no longer scheduled and the patients is left to rely on their own for their post-rehab exercise regimens. Adherence to a structured post-rehab exercise schedule can significantly reduce the overall time of the rehabilitation process. Transitional planning for PT patients will help maximize functional gains and enhance the patients overall experience and results. 

Please refer to the expanded article below for more information. 

Article by Mitchel Kaye, PT, Director of Quality Assurance, PTPN and Joyce Klee, PT, Co‑Owner, Clinton Physical Therapy Center,

Some of the most popular recumbent steppers that Physical therapy patients utilize for home use are the Nustep TRS 4000 , Nustep T5xr , Nustep TRS 3000  , Spirit CRS800S , SciFit Step One and the HCI PhysioStep LXT.


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10 tips for goal setting for 2017

10 tips for goal setting for 2017

It’s that time of the year again to start with a clean slate. We all have different hopes and aspirations for the new year. Many of these in the form of resolutions. We all have made them in the past. Some of us with a better success rate than others. Some of the most popular are: getting in shape, making more money and spending more time with family. It’s great to have a goal, but why do so many fail when it comes to resolutions?  When setting goals the real question to ask oneself is “why”? What are the real motivating factors? Are you getting in shape because you are at risk for a heart attack? Are you saving money to buy your first home?

Many that fail already have the excuses preloaded in their mind and as soon as things become a bit challenging. The word “but” becomes more prominent than the word “why”.  We’ve all heard “I want to work out but I don’t have enough time.” This is the type of statement from the person who told everyone about their goal but did not have a real plan on how to obtain it.  There are 10 basic tips that one should write down when setting a goal. If you draw out a plan and have a checklist to keep you accountable you drastically improve your odds.  Benjamin Franklin said it best “If you fail to plan, plan to fail”

Here are some great articles and tips on goal setting and staying on track. Click on the link below for more information.

New Year's Resolutions and the consequences of failing

10 Tips to keep you resolutions on track

Good luck in all your endeavors this year and Have a Happy and Healthy 2016! 

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5 Tips for buying fitness equipment online

5 Tips for buying fitness equipment online

If you’re considering buying fitness equipment online for home or for your commercial setting, make sure to exercise good judgment and common sense when evaluating advertising claims and the company that is providing these products. 

Do some homework. Only you know what works for you, everyone is different. Typically a reputable site will have a buyers guide to help determine which piece is suitable for you. Once you have decided on the type, try and stick with a large brand name for the manufacturer. Lastly, once you decide on the model, read reviews and search online for pricing. 

Speak with someone who knows their stuff. Most online companies will have either shopping carts, request that you call or both. One of the perks of dealing with a company directly is that you can speak with a live person. If the individual you speak with is not educated on the product or your needs, go elsewhere. If is sounds like they are just in it for the sale, they probably are. 

Get the total cost of the product before you buy.
 Total cost includes sales tax, shipping and handling, and potential financing fees. Make sure to get the details on warranties, and return policies. The company should have a policy page where you can easily access this information. Check out the company’s customer service and support as well, in case you need replacement parts down the road.

Be skeptical of outrageous claims. Online companies that promise lifetime parts warranties or offer lifetime labor packages are red flags and are typically false. A warranty is only good as the company that's providing it. If your product is refurbished, find out exactly what has been done to the machine. Ask for the warranty information as these will differ depending on the quality of work provided and the company you purchase from.

Read Reviews
 It is extremely important to know who you are dealing with online. Seek out reviews for the company you are dealing with and use good judgement. 
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