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5 Tips for buying fitness equipment online

5 Tips for buying fitness equipment online

If you’re considering buying fitness equipment online for home or for your commercial setting, make sure to exercise good judgment and common sense when evaluating advertising claims and the company that is providing these products. 

Do some homework. Only you know what works for you, everyone is different. Typically a reputable site will have a buyers guide to help determine which piece is suitable for you. Once you have decided on the type, try and stick with a large brand name for the manufacturer. Lastly, once you decide on the model, read reviews and search online for pricing. 

Speak with someone who knows their stuff. Most online companies will have either shopping carts, request that you call or both. One of the perks of dealing with a company directly is that you can speak with a live person. If the individual you speak with is not educated on the product or your needs, go elsewhere. If is sounds like they are just in it for the sale, they probably are. 

Get the total cost of the product before you buy.
 Total cost includes sales tax, shipping and handling, and potential financing fees. Make sure to get the details on warranties, and return policies. The company should have a policy page where you can easily access this information. Check out the company’s customer service and support as well, in case you need replacement parts down the road.

Be skeptical of outrageous claims. Online companies that promise lifetime parts warranties or offer lifetime labor packages are red flags and are typically false. A warranty is only good as the company that's providing it. If your product is refurbished, find out exactly what has been done to the machine. Ask for the warranty information as these will differ depending on the quality of work provided and the company you purchase from.

Read Reviews
 It is extremely important to know who you are dealing with online. Seek out reviews for the company you are dealing with and use good judgement. 
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