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Buyer's Guide

Recumbent Crosstrainers

Recumbent Crosstrainers are ideal for active aging, whether you are working to get fit or recover from an injury recumbent cross trainers provide a stable stress free, non impact workout. Every model we carry has a very low resistance level starting at one and allows for higher intensity training at the upper levels. These machines are ideal for active aging facilities, physical therapy clinics, hospitals, health clubs and home use. These pieces are ideal for clients who recovering from cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, back surgery hip replacement, knee replacements, stroke victims and much more.



Treadmills are one of the most popular types of home exercise equipment, providing a straightforward, efficient aerobic workout. For many, treadmills are a good choice to begin a new exercise routine because walking is well tolerated by most individuals regardless of fitness level and for most back conditions. As strength and endurance are developed, the treadmill can be used for jogging and/or for interval training.. Due to widespread obesity in U.S., treadmill exercises have become an integral part of life. The reason behind that is that treadmills offer exercises that can considerably reduce weight in short period of time. The treadmills are also safer than running or walking outside as they have a predictable surface along with other safety features that make it much easier to negotiate opposed to sidewalks, curbs or trails and the risk of tripping is reduced.


Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical Trainers reduce the stress and strain on your joints through an elliptical motion. Your feet never leave the pedals. It is like walking in midair. The shape of the elliptical movement mimics the natural path of the ankle, knee and hip joints during walking, jogging or running. With an elliptical trainer, you get a workout that utilizes the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus, chest, back, triceps and biceps. The obvious benefit from exercising more muscles is that you tone more of your body and you end up burning more calories and fat in less time. In fact, there is no other fitness equipment that simultaneously works as many muscle groups. That is why many refer to an elliptical as a cross trainer

There are 3 different styles of elliptical are front drive, center drive and rear drive.


Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes - In addition to cardiovascular benefits, using an exercise bike provides an excellent, low-impact lower-body and abdominal-muscle workout. Two primary types of exercise bikes exist — upright bikes and recumbent bikes — with each delivering slightly different results. This is due to the fact that the upright bike forces an individual to sit straight up and pedal — much like an outdoor bicycle, while the recumbent bike allows the exerciser to lean back comfortably while pedaling. Recumbent bikes are preferred for an individual that may be limited due to back pain.


Home Gyms - Strength

Home Gyms - Strength training builds strong muscles, improves heart health, promotes weight loss, helps prevent bone loss, and protects the joints and back. Building muscle strength will create a leaner, tighter body and improve looks. Strong muscles will also improve mental functions and boost the energy level. In a fast-paced society such as ours, making time to exercise can take some effort. Those who own home gyms do not have to travel to exercise. Having the equipment so easily accessible in the privacy of your own home not only saves time but it makes it easier to fit workouts into an already busy schedule.


Free Weights

Free Weights come in the form of barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells. They provide a superior level of strength and balance for individuals who use them. This type of strength training provides the added dimension of versatility to real-life movements. One of the biggest advantages listed for free weights is the ability to do several different movements in one exercise. Because you use many different muscles to maintain your balance while using free weights, you get better overall improvement in muscle strength. Free-weight exercises may provide more benefits in strength and endurance for everyday activities. This is also known as Functional Training. Free weights are versatile and can be used for many different exercises. This mode of strength training is inexpensive, enabling anyone to do resistance training in the comfort of their own home.


Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines work on a large group of muscles. Hence, during a rowing machine exercise, significant force is placed on the thighs, hips, torso, and the pelvis. This way, while exercising with a rowing machine, the whole body gets toned. While exercising on a rowing machine, a significant amount of resistance is placed on the upper body as well. Another great benefit of the rowing machine is that it helps to strengthen the core or abdominal muscles. The rigorous movement of the body on a rowing machine can help burn about 800 calories in an hour. A rowing machine is very soft on the various joints in the body since it is a low impact machine. As such, even the elderly can benefit from rowing machine exercises. Rowers are relatively small machines, take up very little space and can be stored easily.



Steppers have a number of health benefits, including increased cardiovascular strength and increased leg strength. Being able to do high-intensity work such as interval training stresses the cardiovascular system while having low impact on the lower-body joints. If done without holding onto the handles, these intervals also promote core strength because of the balance needed to perform the exercise. Steppers make up the smallest footprint of all modes of cardio.


Vibration Trainers

Vibration training involves performing exercises while standing, sitting or lying on a vibrating platform. The unstable platform activates, according to some studies, up to 95 percent of the fibers in a muscle, muscle group or whole body compared to 40-60 percent of fibers activated during traditional resistance training. Within 10 minutes you can complete effective training of your entire body. It also stimulates and challenges musculoskeletal structures (bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments) as they adapt to the vibrating movement. Vibration training is an easy way to get great results with only little effort. Vibration training can be used for burning fat, fighting against cellulite, a relaxing massage or a total work-out. Due to the stimulation of the production of natural hormones and neurotransmitters, users feel more relaxed, more fit and more alert.



Stepmills make the user work hard without being hard on the joints. The stepping motion incurs less impact than a treadmill, but with higher cardiovascular results. The lower body benefits from the majority of the strength gains in this mode of cardio. Stepmills have adjustable speed and resistance. Using it requires basic balance, but significant strength. Calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteal muscles are trained by high repetitions, which help build lean muscle and burn fat. Core muscles are engaged by keeping your balance, which is more challenging on the Stepmill than other mode of cardio. The resistance level dictates workout intensity, but even at the lowest levels this is a great cardio workout. Handrails provide a safe grip should a misstep occur, but don't allow you to cheat by leaning on them. The actual stepping motion forces the foot to remain mostly flat while climbing, versus the pedal format, which does not require the foot to leave the pedal. Users can also reap balance benefits by performing climbing backwards or laterally. Elite athletes have been known to add further challenge by stepping with weights strapped to their backs.