BodyCraft Jones Club Smith Machine

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BodyCraft Jones Club Smith Machine

The BodyCraft Jones moves both vertically and horizontally, allowing for a more natural, user-defined motion. Because the body's natural movements can be utilized within the Jones, all free-weight exercises can be performed

  • Commercial Version of the Jones Smith Machine
  • Patented 3-D barbell motion
  • Begin and end your exercises in the most natural reduced-risk position
  • No need to rely on the safety spotters when pushing to the limits.
  • Simply set the bar to your starting position, add weight, set safety spotters, and lift



The Freedom of a Power Cage with the Safety of a Smith Machine!"

The Safest Barbell Ever Made!

Patented 3-D barbell motion provides for an almost unlimited array of exercises. Smith Machines move vertically only!. The Horizontal motion can also be locked for conventional "smith machine" type exercises.

Choose the Olympic Bar you want!

  • Active Balance Bar The Active Balance Bar must be balanced by the user, providing the benefits of Barbell training by incorporating stabilizer muscles and promoting symmetry. The ABB is attached to the bearing housings via a limited-range coupler which allows it to tilt, but never to far to go beyond the bar hooks and safety spotters. Far and away the Number 1 customer choice.
  • Power Bar Top quality bar without Active Balance feature. Rigidly attached to the bearing housings.
What is so revolutionary about the Jones?
  • It is the safest Barbell ever made for the solo lifter! Think of it as a Power Rack where the Bar Hooks and Safety Spotters move along with every movement you make!
What are the benefits?
  • Reduced risk of Injury. Since the hooks move along with the Bar, the "lift off", and "racking" of the bar are always done at your natural position. You do not need to reach behind your head for pressing exercises, putting your shoulders into an injury prone position. You do not need to lean forward for squats. You can always begin and end your exercises in the most natural, reduced-risk position!
  • Results. The greatest strength gains result from pushing to full muscle fatigue. Since the hooks move along with the Bar, and are spaced at 4-1/2" intervals, you can push to to muscle fatigue and rack the bar at the level where you get stuck by simply rotating your wrists. No need to rely on the safety spotters when pushing to the limits. (Please always DO set the Safety Spotters at appropriate height to avoid serious injury.)
  • Easy Transitions. Setting up for the next exercise has never been easier! Simply raise or lower the bar to the desired starting position, add the desired weight, set safety spotters, and lift!
Can it be used as a Smith Machine?
  • Yes! Simply engage the spring pins to lock the horizontal movement into place for traditional "Smith" exercises.
  • 1/4" Plate Steel and 3" x 3" 10 Gauge Steel and 2" x 2" 11 gauge Steel Tube.
  • All moving parts glide smoothly on industrial grade LM25 linear bearings and 30mm solid hardened steel guide rods.
Bar Hooks:
  • Suspended atop heavy-duty dampening springs.
  • 84"W x 44"L x 83"H (Frame is 55" wide without bar)
  • Residential (under 3 hours use a day): Lifetime frame and parts
  • Commercial (over 3 hours use a day): 10 years frame and 2 years parts
Shipping Info
  • Box 1: Size 83.5x12x7 Weight 171
  • Box 2: Size 63.5x12.5x8 Weight 136
  • Box 3: Size 78x2.5x1.5 Weight 37
  • Box 4: Size 45.5x18.5x7.5 Weight 156
  • Box Weight Total: 500
    * the total does not include pallet weight.

    * add one of the following bars to shipping weight
    JB7A Alum. Bar box 83x12x4 27lbs.
    JB7PB Powerbar box:83x12x4 47lbs.
    JB7ABB ABB Bar box: 85x13x7 53lbs.